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Jan 09

365 Grateful Days ~ Ordinary Moments in Photos ~ Day 9

It’s been bitterly cold here with a high of -20 on one day and maybe 1 degree the next or a heat wave of 20 degrees. Today we woke up to snow squalls that brought with it several inches of that white fluffy stuff. When the snow finally stopped and the sun came out I …

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Feb 09

Breaking News in Templeton ~ It SNOWED!

Well, the shoveling of SNOW (thanks for finding us NEMO) here on my back deck in the lovely and picturesque Templeton didn’t quite go as planned, but is was fun….  I hope you enjoyed watching this brief snippet of fun in the snow. Yes, I did go out later and finish making a path off …

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Oct 30

Happy Hallowinter!

Hallowinter ~ Snowtober ~ Tuesday Girl can’t make this stuff up! Well, we have made history ~ We have at least 24″ here and I hear many of our surrounding towns not only have 2′ or more, the downed trees and power outages are wreaking havoc. My yard was spared, but others in town were …

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Dec 24

Melted Snowmen Cookies

MMMM MMM MMMMMMM Tuesday Girl and Tuesday Zach made these awesome cookies!! Thank you to my friend Lisa for posting this link from Crazy Domestic for these awesome and fairly easy snowmen cookies.  Zach and I had a great time baking and decorating them!  Here are pictures of some of the finished snowmen.       …

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