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Mar 25

Small Community Living, Templeton MA ~ Day 83 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for the privilege of serving a town I grew up in and a community I care about and am committed to making a difference in. In my high school days I couldn’t wait to graduate and move on with my life and move out of town. The town of Templeton that …

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Mar 22

Dirt roads and Daydreaming ~ Day 81 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful I am from small town America where there are still dirt roads and they lead to somewhere or no where depending on your frame of mind. I love my hometown and all the towns surrounding it are connected in the way they were settled more than 250 years ago. Today is …

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Mar 18

Templeton’s Early Days ~ Day 77 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for days gone by and earlier times when Narragansett No. 6 was just getting started.  Narragansett No. 6 was incorporated under the name Templetown and then later called Templeton.  We were born over 250 years ago. The founders of our town and the people through the years really loved Templeton and …

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Mar 12

Who cares what others think?! ~ Day 70 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for a friendship that encouraged one another to make their own path and tune out the noise, forge ahead and have an amazing ride while doing it. This picture feels like a lifetime ago, yet it’s only been a few years.  This was the 1st year we had the Country Picnic …

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Mar 03

365 Grateful Days ~ Ordinary Moments in Photos ~ Day 62

Today I am thankful for a day that is anything but ordinary. Tuesday, it comes after that wretched day we call Monday and before the whole what DAAAAAY is it nonsense. After Tuesday the rest of the week is just W-T-F and then there’s the weekend aaaand I’m a Realtor so, WHAT weekend?  That’s reserved …

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Feb 19

365 Grateful Days ~ Ordinary Moments in Photos ~ Day 49

Today I am grateful for the place I call home and the history that has come before. Templeton, what it must have been like when the soldiers were given land here and had to clear it all and forge new ground to house their families, grow crops, fight the wild and begin a whole new …

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Feb 18

365 Grateful Days ~ Ordinary Moments in Photos ~ Day 47

Today I am grateful for our Boynton Public Library named after John Boynton a resident of Templeton. Originally the library was over across the way at the Colonol Lee Artemis building aka The Country Store and to open the funds were given by Mr. Boynton’s partner, Attorney David Whitcomb with the caveat that it be …

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Feb 14

365 Grateful Days ~ Ordinary Moments in Photos ~ Day 44

Today I am grateful to live in such a wonderful community. I love wandering our town and reading of our history. I especially enjoy our Common. During the Spring it’s a wonder to watch it all come to life in nature and with people. As the buds are coming back out on the trees, so …

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Feb 09

Welcome to 12 Stephens Way, Templeton MA

This is the perfect country location, yet such easy access to all major routes within a minute!  A cul-de-sac of 5 homes this house has so many great features including an in-law that could be used as office space, recreation, teen suite and extended family short and long term stays.  This property should be seen …

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Jan 16

365 Grateful Days ~ Ordinary Moments in Photos ~ Day 16

A couple of days ago I wrote about being grateful for our Narragansett Historical Society and it’s gardens during the seasons. I also mentioned the teas they have during the summer months and that once upon a time when I was younger I and my friends served the tea and desserts. I also believe I …

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