A Walk Through History

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Templeton is a beautiful town and while using “Images of America~Templeton” as a guide I went visiting and photographing all the “old” places to show you what they look like today and to appreciate and reflect how they were then. I must say trying to figure out what was where and when and how far back and who might have been there and thenn how was I going to bring these to all of you…it  was very interesting, enjoyable and educational.  I hope you enjoy this just as much as I did creating it!


  1. Peter Favata

    Hey diane,

    enjoyed the lunch, love the web site but i actually didn’t care much for the song, but that is a guy thing i think,lol.

    talk to you soon

  2. Susan (Tucker) Frugoli

    I loved watching this. Great idea. Any way to slow it down? Another 5 or 6 seconds on each frame would be
    Better, I think.

    1. Diane

      I would have to recreate the video to do the timing differently. This was one of the first Animoto still photo videos I ever created. Thanks for viewing on my page!

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