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If you know Tuesday Girl then you know I firmly believe in supporting and promoting local business in our hometown and our surrounding towns and because that belief is so strong, I have decided to start “Featured Fridays”.

Why is visiting, supporting and promoting the businesses here in town and beyond important? Well, I love my neighbors and those are the places I find them hanging out. If I go to the Country Store or the Ice Cream barn I can always hear a great story. If I go to the Kitchen Garden I can see folks sitting at the back table having coffee and really listening to one another. If I go to Country Mischief I can always find someone that will share with me any new developments with the Templeton 250th and in turn I can share things I know that are happening too. I love the folks that run the businesses as they are also supporters of local events, charities, churches, schools, our children’s fundraisers AND they get involved. These are just some of the businesses here in town and these are visible, but there are many local businesses that have home offices and these folks I want to get to know too. They may not have a big sign in the yard or a storefront, but they are also important and vital to our local economy and provide services we need.

So, beginning the first Friday of each month I will feature one business on the FEATURED FRIDAYS page here on Tuesday’s Blog. I will share all I can about that business like store hours, a link to their website, any featured products and services and of course it will depend on the business as to what is featured on the page. I will encourage all the readers to visit this business or call them or maybe someone you know needs this business…it’s all about sharing and supporting and promoting and that is what makes us a community. This will not be limited to Templeton alone as I would like to include all the surrounding towns that are connected to us also.

Please share with me your business or any businesses you would like to see featured here on the Friday’s page by leaving a comment below and it will be directed to my email. Supporting your local business is helping our community to grow.

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