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Aug 19

Our History Remembered ~ Narragansett Historical Society, Templeton MA

Today, I went to the Templeton Arts and Crafts Festival and had a great time looking around at all the wares and trinkets (and of course talking to everyone).  The highlight for this Tuesday Girl though was taking a walk through our history in the rooms and halls of the Narragansett Historical Society.  I wish …

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Jul 12

Elizabeth Wellington Lord…is getting a makeover!

Elizabeth has been looking really tired and worn out lately, but now she is getting all dolled up again thanks to her owners Natalie and Shawn! I was wandering around town a couple of weeks ago, after all the rain we had, and I decided to stop by and ask if I could take photos …

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Jul 09

The home that love built …

Templeton, Mass is rich with history and real estate that is a goldmine ~ ok that’s a stretch, but this story will show just how rich one can be in real estate. Pull up a chair and pour a coffee and let’s get to my favorite part ~ some storytellin’…and Tuesday Girl really loves a …

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Apr 30

Our Majestic Wind Turbine

The John LeClerc Wind Turbine. Majestic. Proud. A Legacy. This photograph was taken almost right under the wind turbine. What an amazing sight it is to behold no matter what angle you look at it from. The power of the wind captured and utilized because of one man’s dream realized. This happened in my lifetime …

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Apr 27

When Templeton and Tuesday Girl were young

Templeton was born 250 years ago and Tuesday Girl was just 8 years old when our worlds collided and we moved into the Zoo. (click on the word Zoo) Templeton, what it must have been like when the soldiers were given land here and had to clear it all and forge new ground to house …

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Apr 11

The Story of Templeton ~ Elizabeth Wellington Lord

Once upon a time, this was the home of Elizabeth Wellington Lord. She wrote the book “The Story of Templeton” which is filled with facts, fiction and folklore. In her home she had a grandfather clock made by Eli Bruce, one of the early settlers and at the time Elizabeth owned the clock it was …

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Apr 10

Tuesday Girl lived at the Zoo!

This is my childhood home and where my Dad & Stepmom still live today. I lived at the zoo. The Narragansett Park to be exact.  Although it was no longer a zoo when we moved in, my Dad used to tell us stories about it all the time. Our home is the original homestead and …

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Mar 22

Whitney Tavern ~ A great gathering place

Whitney Tavern, the most accommodating gathering place from Boston to Vermont in Templeton, Massachusetts. Can you imagine the stories? Because Tuesday Girl a) is a reading nut, b) loves a good story, c) likes to share with you, once again I am writing an excerpt from the book below so you can appreciate our history …

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Dec 14

Templeton Then ~ Templeton Now ~ 250th

Time sure does fly…feels like this time yesterday when…times, they are changing….time, it just keeps marching on….Tuesday Girl thinks that it’s time…. Time…can you imagine what it was like to just be starting out 250 years ago?  Can you imagine being the first settler here in our town of Templeton?  Can you imagine what it …

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