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Feb 20

The Living Wax Museum

Tuesday Girl is so proud to present this small video production of The Living Wax Museum! Bravo, Bravo!  These kids deserve a HUGE  round of applause and so many kudos for the wonderful job they did playing their characters.  The costumes with props, awesome speeches and  huge enthusiasm for 9 and 10 year olds just astounded …

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Jan 10

Tuesday Girl's Writing Legacy ~ The Hilltowner

Hear Ye, Hear Ye ~ Tuesday Girl is not the only writer in the family! Apparently, it’s been passed down to me from the older generation ~ my Dad (since you just celebrated a birthday I just had to use that word).  The Hilltowner was the newspaper for my father’s class.  Different items would be …

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Aug 25

School Days ~ School Days

Good Evening Tuesday Fans ~ I really want to know how school went for you and/or your kids today! I was very happy to be dropping off Elijah and Zach and I joked about having a party and doing the happy dance and yet I was stopped in my tracks thinking “WOW a new era …

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