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May 15

Tuesday ~ Yup, it’s my favorite day!

It’s Tuesday and isn’t it great?  Yes, all the other days are wonderful too, but today is my favorite. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day and that you celebrated how YOU wanted to.   Me?  Well, we went to Fenway to watch a great game and it was the first time my …

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Apr 27

When Templeton and Tuesday Girl were young

Templeton was born 250 years ago and Tuesday Girl was just 8 years old when our worlds collided and we moved into the Zoo. (click on the word Zoo) Templeton, what it must have been like when the soldiers were given land here and had to clear it all and forge new ground to house …

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Apr 16

Monday Monday ~ It’s the day before Tuesday

Monday ~ Can’t trust that day. Monday. That dreaded day after Sunday. Monday. There’s never enough coffee. Monday. The Mama’s and the Papa’s only got part of that song right. (and I still love it) Monday. The first day of the work week. Monday. It reminds us it’s not the weekend any longer. Monday. It …

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Apr 08

Hoppy Easter Basket Tradition

It’s Hoppy Easter Baskets made with love for my kids! Hoppy Easter everyone!  First I will say I hope your day is wonderful and filled with love and family tomorrow.  Second I will give you a bit of backgroud as Spring is a special time of year for me and it’s all about new beginnings, …

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Apr 07

Tuesday Girl and Her Wayward Website, Widgets and Pages

The headline sounds like a story doesn’t it?  Why is her website wayward?  How rebellious can a page be?  Can’t Tuesday Girl control her widgets? Yes, I am chuckling and no it’s really not that great of a story, but I will share it with you anyway.  Tuesday Girl is not very techie.  You might …

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Apr 04

Tuesday Girl’s Writing Challenge

A challenge you say?  Don’t worry this one is for Tuesday Girl and yours is at the bottom of the post! Folks are saying blogging is dead so the question was posed and a challenge issued by a great guy named Mike Mueller to blog each day for the 21 business days in April ~ I …

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Apr 03

April Showers bring May Flowers

April is already here and May will be on our doorstep before we can catch our breath. I won’t speak for everyone else, but I think time flies by quicker the older I get.  I wouldn’t change it, but I would like to be sure I capture the moments that matter and more easily do …

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Oct 30

Happy Hallowinter!

Hallowinter ~ Snowtober ~ Tuesday Girl can’t make this stuff up! Well, we have made history ~ We have at least 24″ here and I hear many of our surrounding towns not only have 2′ or more, the downed trees and power outages are wreaking havoc. My yard was spared, but others in town were …

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Oct 28

Templeton’s First Snowfall

Hip Hip Hooray!! Templeton’s first snowfall was a bit early, but Tuesday Girl is loving it! I have to be honest, I am disappointed we did not have much of a Fall as that is my most favorite season of the year with the beautiful colors and crisp cool air , but the snow shimmering …

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Sep 27

Greener Living ~ One Closet at a Time

Now, who doesn’t want greener living in this day and age? Did you know you can find it in your closet? Tuesday Girl, please explain!…. Well, if you insist… Got kids clothes and other items? We all love a bargain. Wouldn’t it be great to clean out your closets and sell items that are no …

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