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Mar 26

Traditions ~ Day 84 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for cute old photos and that I can pick out my own clothes and they don’t match my brother’s. Seriously, what was my mother thinking?  Was this really the style to dress your kids alike even though we aren’t twins?  Who came up with this stuff?  Yes, we are adorable, but …

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Mar 25

Small Community Living, Templeton MA ~ Day 83 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for the privilege of serving a town I grew up in and a community I care about and am committed to making a difference in. In my high school days I couldn’t wait to graduate and move on with my life and move out of town. The town of Templeton that …

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Mar 23

Puppy Love ~ Day 82 of 365 Grateful

Baxter Homecoming 8 weeks

Today I am grateful for my pups that love me unconditionally and make me laugh. They don’t care if I left the room for 5 minutes or 5 hours they rush to say hello like they haven’t seen me in years. Their tails are going (or in Brutus’ case his whole butt) and their making …

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Mar 22

Dirt roads and Daydreaming ~ Day 81 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful I am from small town America where there are still dirt roads and they lead to somewhere or no where depending on your frame of mind. I love my hometown and all the towns surrounding it are connected in the way they were settled more than 250 years ago. Today is …

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Mar 22

Color my World ~ Day 80 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for color. Lots of color. Colors are linked to our emotions, just like smells can be.  Color can make you feel happy, sad, loved, mad, peaceful or calm.  Color is used to describe objects or even emotions.  Like, I’m green with envy or red with rage.  Colors are a part of …

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Mar 20

Happy Spring! ~ Day 79 of 365 Grateful

Happy Spring 2015

Today I am grateful it’s the first day of Spring and I know even though it’s snowing we are almost out of Winter. Mother Nature can’t keep it at bay for much longer. The trees and bulbs and grass are just bursting to shake that white, cold blanket off and bring us all the color …

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Mar 19

Sentimental Me ~ Day 78 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for being the sentimental person that I am. I get that from my both by father and my mother, so when I got married 10 years ago I asked my mom for my grandmother’s wedding dress. It was gorgeous and it was the dress my Mom wore when she married my …

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Mar 18

Templeton’s Early Days ~ Day 77 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for days gone by and earlier times when Narragansett No. 6 was just getting started.  Narragansett No. 6 was incorporated under the name Templetown and then later called Templeton.  We were born over 250 years ago. The founders of our town and the people through the years really loved Templeton and …

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Mar 16

Country Living ~ Day 75 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for interesting places I see along my routes to showings. I am more grateful I bring my camera along most places I go just for moments like this. I would love to live in this home.  It’s away from the road, surrounded by nature and if you close your eyes you …

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Mar 15

At Peace and Rest ~ Day 74 of 365 Grateful

Today I am grateful for a place a found many years ago where I could go and collect my thoughts where it’s quiet and peaceful and now I can go there and also visit my Grandmother’s final resting place. This place is Worcester County Memorial Park in Paxton, Massachusetts.  It’s peaceful as it’s a cemetery, …

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