About Tuesday Girl

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So, you want to know more about.me? Well, you’ve clicked the right tab. Expecting a traditional and canned bio? Well, you’re not going to get one. So, let’s get to the heart of it.

My Names:

Diane Haley Brooks, Maja, Madre, Mum, Mommy, Honey, Babe, Dee, Auntie Dee and Arnie Di, Diane Louise, Brat, The Slow Kid, Di, Tuesday Girl and on Twitter I am @1TuesdayGirl

My Kids Names:

Andrew, Andy, Drew ~ Brittaney, Britt, Skitts, Big Kitty ~ Sarah Beth, Sarah, Rental, Rah-Rah ~ Elijah, Eli, Boss ~ Zachary, Zach, Brooksie ~ Stephanie, Steph, Steffi, The German

My Motto’s:

Dessert first. Pay it Forward. Live for today. Prayer works. Be respectful. Create It. If I say it, I’ll do it. We were made to make a difference. A home is the love on the inside, not the boards on the outside. The Golden Rule is the only rule. Life is full of moments, not chunks of time.

My favorite Sayings and Quotes:
“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Thumper

“You can’t help respecting anybody who can spell TUESDAY, even if he doesn’t spell it right; but spelling isn’t everything. There are days when spelling TUESDAY simply doesn’t count.” Pooh

“Failure can be worth more than success in building our character and shaping our life” Tuesday Girl
“It is not length of life, but depth of life.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

What I am:

Passionate, intuitive, stubborn, thoughtful, vibrant, loyal, nurturing AND without carbs I am extremely cranky.

What I am not:

A risk taker, a loner, dishonest, a world traveler, wall flower AND I am not a good one to surprise.

Things you should know:

In addition to my 5 kids, there is another adopted daughter in Germany. I don’t take planes, trains or buses anywhere. I don’t take no for an answer, unless it’s the right answer. I love books, and book stores? ~ heaven. I have a personal blog too because being a writer is a dream and a passion ~ itsatuesdaygirlslife on Tumblr. Coffee is a food group. When my house is messy, my life feels chaotic. I am partially deaf so LOUD is a way of life. My word is honor. Shaking hands is a promise. What you see is truly what you get.

So, Why me?

Real estate is in my heart. Real Estate is my full time career and not a part time hobby. Your needs are my first priority and listening to you is so much better than hearing me talk. Real estate is numbers and the numbers don’t lie, but for you it’s emotional and being in tune with that is helpful to getting you where you want to be. I have been in Real Estate in one form or another for over 20 years as a lender and a home ownership counselor and that knowledge/background only benefits you. I know my market and I keep it very local. I don’t need to be everywhere, but I know many great Realtors that I can refer you to outside of my market. I have a great team of business partners in this local area that also know this market and have a helping philosophy. I am connected to my community and local business and can help you with local events, hot spots and businesses that you will need before and after you move into your new home. You are first my client and then as we work together I hope we become friends because when you move, you’ll be my neighbor and that is the goal isn’t it?

Find Me Here (click the highlighted links):
Personal Facebook Page ~ Diane Haley Brooks
Twitter ~ @1TuesdayGirl
Facebook Business Pages ~ Tuesdays in Templeton ~ Tuesday Girl Real Estate Page
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Oh and if you want to send me an email it’s 1tuesdaygirl@gmail.com or you can just press the CONTACT button right over there <———- to the left.